Sansa Player not workign after 3 months

Hi All,

mY sansa player stopped working from last 1 month, it’s the new one i buy it last 4 months back & now suddenly stopped working.

It works using USB cable but not working without that.

I lost by warranty card & bill.

I wne tto the shop where i buy it but that are askign for a bill & warranty card which i lost.

Please any one can help me out in this.

Is there any sansa service center Phone no.s


Anand S

You can try resetting the player (on switch in uppermost position for 15-20 seconds) or reformatting the player (under the player’s Settings) and see if that helps.

However, it sounds like a wire to your battery became detached.  If that’s the case, the only thing you could do, apart from warranty repair, is to disassemble the Clip and reattach the wire, by resoldering or using conductive epoxy.  There have been posts here on disassembling the Clip (the Clip isn’t made for that, unfortunately).

My Sansa clip is not working after 7 months. Just died on me one day. Assumed that the battery was dead so recharged. It lights up on charging but when disconnected is still dead.

I have tried emailing the so called support on here but no response, as I want some sort of recompense. You dont buy something of this nature only for it to break in less than a year.

And with respect, Mr Sansa “Guru” but if you cannot get any power to the clip how can you adjust the settings? Also, I am certainly not going to take the whole thing apart and try and fix potentially lose wires.

From reading the posts on here, this is a common fault in that the clips do not last for any length of time.

It’s obviously a bad design, rubbish bit of kit and I certainly will not be purchasing Sansa products in the future.

Well, Shula, if you plug your Clip into AC power, you still can play/use it while it is connected.  And then you can try to reset/reformat it.  Although that will not fix it if, in fact, a wire became detached from your battery.

If you still are within the warranty period, SanDisk should cover you for a warranty replacement.  If SanDisk has not gotten back to you, you may wish to telephone them for support. 

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