Sansa Clip - Accessible by Desktop but DEAD

Hello everybody, my sansa clip just died!
Althoug the desktop recognizes the equipment and i can access/copy/upload stuff it wont turn on anymore.

At the begginig i had some issues with it, i had to reset to factory settings about3 to 4 times in 1 week but than it worked fine for eight years and it still woked super fine the past times i used it…i mean past week

Than it just dont turn on anymore…just stoped working…

Is there any thing i can do to try to fix it or is time to let him go?

I just love this small little fellow, it is a wonderful device.

info: once conected to the PC it shows battery level of almost 90% and i remember to let him to charge the night before it died so it means it has charge…

Can someone give me a hint? (push POWER+HOME:   does not work)

thank you all

Sounds like your battery is shot. You would have to replace the battery if you want to keep using this player. OEM batteries are about $20 on eBay, aftermarket batteries are about $6. If you’re not technically inclined, then sell this player on eBay and buy another one that has good battery life. I’ve seen them go for about $30-40 used.