Sansa Clip+ dead after 4 months

I received a Sansa clip+/4 gb model for Christmas 2010, with an extra 2 gb memory card to add to it.  I give this player 5 stars. One problem.  It went dead on me last week. I get nothing, pure dead now.  I was playing mp3’s daily. Always keeping it charged, no falls on ground.  I had a rough week and didn’t touch it for about 2 days,  When I turned it on, the screen said something like re-synchronizing  then froze-up and turned itself off.

  I tried the 20 second power button reset, plugging it into the computer to re-charge does nothing.  There’s no display of anything on the screen. (even tried using my earbuds thinking the screen was bad) but it appears dead (like the battery went on vacation). I never let the charge go below 50%.  Took out the 2gb external memory card thinking that might be a problem, but I can’t get the screen to come on and let me know what’s up.

  Is there any ‘special’ combo of buttons to press to bring any life back into this player?  I REALLY miss it!

Try holding the power button for a minute or more. Then do the Force MSC on the computer. Just press and hold the Center/Select button. See if it is recognized by the computer and turns on then charge it for 2-3 hours. If it doesn’t turn on, just contact SanDisk Support.