Completely dead clip

So,  I’ve had this clip (my second) for about 4 months with no problems.  I really love the clips, although my last one died on me as well.

Yesterday, after having used it in the morning, in the afternoon the screen wouldn’t turn on.  It was just blank.  However, the clip and the buttons worked just fine. Music played, and i could stop, start, and skip like normal.  The pale blue light around the thumb control did light up as well, just nothing on the screen.  Blank.

Eventually, while listening to it, it ran out of juice, which was normal, because it had been low anyway.

Today, nothing.  It won’t power up (on multiple computers), it won’t turn on.  Nothing.  I tried the “soft reset” and nothing.  It’s completely unresponsive.

To complicate matters, I am living in Colombia and have no way of returning the clip.

If anyone could help a poor teacher, I’d be very appreciative.


Mine just did the exact samething. Brought it a week ago. On it’s third use it stopped playing, screen totally blank, no lights, soft reset doesn’t work. Computer will see the device but only as an unfomatted disk. It doesn’t light up when connected to PC and say connected like it used to do. I emailed customer support but I’m thinking it’s DEAD and I a replacement is in order.


please help…

You both need to call SanDisk support, 1-866-sandisk.  Get an RMA number and get them exchanged.

I also would leave it charging overnight.  Past posts have shown that this sometimes (somehow) revives a Clip.

If it’s shown as “Unformatted Disk”, try to format it and see if you can revive it.