Sansa Clip Broken

I bought a Sansa Clip on July 24th, it is now July 29th.  I used it three times at the gym, first day it worked fine, second day it shut down after and hour, 3rd day it shut down after one hour and never powered on again.  There was no problem with the computer it synced up right away and I downloaded my music using copy and paste, this is a nice little device and is my second MP3 player.  My other one is a 4gb Zen, I liked the idea of a clip on to take to the gym,  I attached it to my shirt collar and I sweat profusely when I run.  It’s possible sweat may have entered the clip and fried the poor thing.  If so this is a design flaw and should be corrected in the next revision.  If that is not possible then it is just a defective clip.  Now it is possible a sport band could have prevented this from being damaged, but it doesn’t say this is required anywhere.  I live in a rural area about 75 miles from the nearest WalMart which is where I picked this thing up, on one of these blogs I read there was a soldering issue with the clips, if this is true then replacing it with another clip would produce the same results as the first clip.  Does anyone have any success stories with the 1GB Sansa Clip? I can be contacted at


There were some early Clip units that were not holding a charge and this issue has since been addressed but it sounds like you may have one.  Call Support and try to get it replaced.

Mine quit after an hour of playing, I was ready to return it, but I rebooted it and now it’s been working without a flaw.  Try rebooting by holding the power up button on for about 10 seconds, let go, then turn it on.

I read about that on the Forum and tried that several times after it had set around for several hours.  I just tried it again and it has been setting around for over twenty four hours.  It sounds like Windsor, CA WalMart may have a bad batch of Clips.  My feeling is if I exchange it at this point I’ll probably get another bad one.  I’m glad someone is having success, I was a little concerned.