A couple major problems with clip+ and I no longer have a warranty...

This is unbelievable.  Pretty much this thing starts crapping out after a year.  Perfect timing for me to have no warranty.  For the $62 I paid for it, I’d think that an 8gb mp3 player would last.  My first problem starting happening months ago.  

The sansa would magically crash, turn back on, and it would start playing the song I left it off at, had I never turned it on in the first place.  For instance, if I manually turned off my clip at song A, then turned it on and played song B, it would crash, turn on and start playing song A again.

Well, this I dealt with.  It wasn’t that huge of a deal compared to my new problem.  Now, the clip is having major battery problems. The battery indicator is inaccruately reading the battery life.  After a full charge, it will stay full for decent amount of time then almost immediately drop to a 1/6 charge out of the blue.  The battery indicator is not only wrong, but the battery life has decreased tremendously over the past month.  I am able to bring it to the gym for 2-3 hours and I’m forced to charge it. When I first bought this, it would last over a span of 4-5 days.

edit:  I’ve also been running this on lowest brightness for months.

What do I do?

I suggest that you clear out your player and start with a clean slate.  It may clear up any bits of data that may be causing the player to suddenly turn itself off and then back on.

First, after making backup copies of your music (if you haven’t done so already), format the clip+ from it’s settings.  Remove the external card if you have one in it before formatting.  Then manually install the firmware.  See the sticky thread at the top of the forum for the lastest firmware download and instructions to do it manually.  It’ll be the first post in that thread.  Be sure that the battery is fully charged before installing the firmware since it sounds like it’s wearing out.

I’ll second the manual install of the firmware.  My 4G Clip+ started screwing up after a year, but it’s been fine since reapplying the firmware (it’s been several weeks, month maybe?, now with no crashes).  Mine was crashing & playing dead for a while before finally coming back to life - but with perserverence enough resets would eventually bring it back.