4gb Clip is broken, what do you think killed it?

Hi all,

Had my Clip for about six months with no problems great little player.  About a week ago I started to go jogging again after a back injury, so I clipped on my clip and of I went no problem.  The next morning I turned my clip on and the sansa logo flashed up on the screen as normal but then the screen went blank. Long story short my clip is now dead I have tried all the resets on here and tried using a wall charger differant USB slots the lot but all rescue attempts have failed. What killed my clip? was it jogging making a wire come loose or was it sweating making it short out inside?.

I have contacted sansa but not heard a thing, has anyone got them to fix a player? Is there a UK telephone number I can ring.

I got this clip to go running with because of the clip, would a silicone case have saved my clip. I ask because I will need another player to go jogging with and now I have my doubts about the clip.



P.S I know the player needs a repair now and do not think it can be fixed without sending it away , I am just trying to find out if it is worth getting another one and if Sansa do fix this type of problem.

Please only post if you have had or know about this problem, or if you work for Sandisk and can tell me where to send the player for repair.
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As I posted in your other thread:

Unknown what happened to your Clip.  As I’m sure you know from other electronics, sometimes things “just happen.”  I have read here that sweat can disable a Clip (I haven’t faced that, but I guess I don’t sweat enough to drop drops onto the little fella).  If that’s the case, leaving the Clip alone for a few days to totally dry out can fix matters.  Sometimes, a fall can disconnect a wire from the battery–but then, you should be able to use your Clip when connected to AC or DC power.

I think that a silicone case might help you in the future.  Note that it leaves some openings.  But it adds some moisture protection.  (And of course, you could put the Clip in a plastic bag.  But some on–really!!!   ;)  ) 

Here’s the UK contact info., from the SanDisk website.  Hopefully, you have a 1-year warranty as we do in the States, so that SanDisk will replace your Clip.  Good luck! 

UK (English)
(44) 207-3654-193
9am - 6pm local UK time