Is my Clip Toast?

I own a 2GB Sansa Clip which recently failed.  I just finished working with SanDisk technical support, but they could not get it to work.  They then (politely) walked away since my Clip was 2 months past the warranty period.  Apparently there is no repair option, so it’s currently a useless blue ornament. 

Before I completely write it off, I’d like to check here if there is something more I could try.  Here’s the problem:

My Clip player was working fine until it would not turn on one day.  When plugged into my PC, it works fine.  The device is recognized and I can move files on and off as always.  The battery indicator also shows a full charge.  I even left it charging for a couple of hours in case it was a faulty reading.  Once unplugged, the player turns off and can’t be turned on.

Sound familiar to anyone?  Thanks!


Sounds like one of the battery wires was severed. Might need some soldering.

More here: 1 GB Clip Wont Boot Up

Good luck!

I agree, it could be the battery connection. If you don’t want to repair it yourself, drop me a private message.

I would like to purchase a non-working blue clip.

(Actually any size/color, but I’d really like to get a blue one)

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Thanks for the input.  I agree that it sounds like a severed battery connection.  I’ve studied over various topics/links and even found pictures of what’s inside.  It looks like any easy fix, assuming I can get the case open without breaking anything.  That’s going to be the hard part.  While I have little to lose, I’ll have to think this through a little more before trying. 

Alahamora, Thanks. I’ll think your offer over and PM you if I decide not to make the repair attempt.

Overall, I now see that this is a fairly common issue.  It’s unfortunate us owners who are outside the warranty period have no recourse through SanDisk.  For the time the Clip worked, it worked well and I really liked it.  I’m now disappointed that SanDisk feels that 14 months is within an acceptable lifecycle for this product.


 If you decide to open it up, get one of the little plastic pry bars that is intended for opening cell phone cases. If you use it carefully, you’ll do very little damage to the case. Start at the 4 corners, then top and bottom, finally, the sides.  I broke a power switch on my first attempt, since then I have done about half a dozen sucessfully.