Problem with my Sansa Clip Screen Please Help!!

i was in the gym listening to music when all of a sudden my clip turned off. It would not turn back on even holding the on button up. This happend ever since i upgraded to the newest firmware. I noticed when i plug the clip into my computer via USB it boots up and works. I can read the drive and copy files with no problem. When i take the USB out it shuts back off again and does not come back on. Any suggestions?

How old is this unit? Some of the earlier Clips had issues with defective soldering on the battery connection leads.

If a reset doesn’t bring it back to life and it still connects properly to the computer, it could be hosed.

it is under a year old. That has gotta be the problem. i just got out of a technical chat and waiting to see if they approve the replacement. Which they should if they have a defective product.