Sansa Media Converter Build 4.256 & 4.263: Download Details and Release Notes

Thank you for your fast answer, but I don’t have a problem to download the Updater.

I have already installed the Updater, and the Updater does not work.

I am tired of struggeling with this silly  programm, I need the SMC, so I need a direct download link (like the one for the firmware).

I tried the Updater on my notebook (last install ca. 2 years) and on my freshly installed desktop. Both XP SP3 and all updates, both MS XP integrated firewall, I tried it with Opera and the Internet Explorer, but this should not become a debugging session for the Updater.

Yours mbans

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OK, I wasn’t quite specific in my response. What I meant to say is that your firewall may be preventing your Updater from connecting with the server, thus preventing the download of the SMC and resulting in the ‘hang-time’ where the Updater appears not to be working.

It may be working it’s little heart out, but if it’s hittiing a brick wall it can’t do what it’s designed to. Oh yeah, make sure your player is connected when running the Updater, too. If not, it won’t download anything either.

One more thing, I know it’s supposed to work in both modes, but I’ve always had the best success with the player is MSC mode, not MTP while connected and running the Updater. That is, years ago when I actually used the Updater. :smiley:

Dear Tapeworm,

as I wrote, I use the Microsoft Firewall, the Updater should deal with it. If it does not, it should yield a clear error message.

But now I completely turned of the Firewall, I connected my Fuze (as always in MSC-Mode), the Updater reads the modell and Version 1.02.28F and writes in german:

“Sansa Updater sucht nach aktuellen Updates      Bitte Warten…”.

Translated to english it is:

“Sansa Updater is looking for Updates                 Please Wait…”

I waited for another 20 min, nothing.

Tapeworm wrote:

> That is, years ago when I actually used the Updater.

I’m a surprised. You are a Sansa Guru, but you don’t even use the sansa software? Thats exactly what I want to do, please tell me how!

Yours mbans

The sansa updater will not install for me!!! PLEase HELPPP

Check your firewall and/or anti-virus software. It may be blocking connection with the server in its effort to protect your computer against internet nasties.

I also can not dowload the SMC using the direct download link. I get a simple “file not found” message.

Before you say anything tapeworm, I absolutely, positively do not have a firewall or anything of the sort. And I tried 2 browsers, both with the same result.

It seems there are many of us here that can not download it, and that’s just those of us who bothered to register and complain - could someone please have a look at the link and see what’s wrong.

edit: I see in another thread

that the SMC is only available via the automatic updater. You’d think that would be worth mentioning here, since there are links to the old page everywhere.

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The sansa updater is still on 1% for downloading the manual and 6% for the media converter.  It does not tell me where it is saving the files, and it does not say what website it is going to to get the downloads from.


I am going to have to leave it plugged in over night for this download to finish and that does not seem right.

When I disconnect the fuze, the download has to start over again! This is the worst thing ever! 

I am very frustrated and I don’t understand how this updater program is supposed to help me.

Where did other people download the manual and new media converter from?
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auareldo wrote:


Where did other people download the manual and new media converter from?


Fuze Manual

The media converter still has to go through the Updater.

I’m on the verge of packing mine back up for a refund, and getting an MP3 player that I know will function, an iPod.

  • I shouldn’t have to connect my Fuze to download SMC, which can take over two hours on my connection.
  • My Fuze is showing as “Critically Low” on Windows 7.  This wasn’t a problem until the most recent firmware update, which indicates a failure on SD’s part.
  • Why can’t I drag and drop an MPEG-4 or AVI video on my Fuze?

I have had a very difficult time attempting to install the SANSA UPDATER program on 2 BRAND NEW HP computers (1 desktop, the other a laptop) running Windows 7 64bit.  The updater installs to exactly 76% everytime and then displays a lovely message: “INSTALLATION FAILED, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER”.  After attempting to install this 50-60 times, i think there must be an issue between the software and W7 64bit.  Does anyone know when the Sansa Updater/installation program was last revised (mm/yyyy) and under what OS versions it is compatible?.  I have consulted several IT administrators regarding my problem and they have mentioned the W7 64bit has ALOT of compatibility issues with software developed for 32bit machines.  The firmware was updated manually… Is the SMC really worth this much hassel, or is there a better MC available that works as well as the SMC is supposed to? (i don’t know… SMC doesn’t work on my pc’s)

Just asking??

I bought a Fuze and the Firmware updater will not even load on my PC. I can’t get any sense from Sansa support. The media converter tells me that the player does not support video. As far as i’m concerned this product is a load of rubbish and if I had not got it so cheap I would throw it away, although it does play music.

If you have a Sansa Fuze or e2x0 v2 player, try FuzeVidz, a SMC replacement for video conversion for Windows:

If you use Mac or Linux, try video4fuze. It can also do Windows:

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It’s easy to get Photos onto the Fuse. Make SURE that the photo is (1) a .JPG file and (2) the file size is UNDER 770 Kb. That is the largest file I have successfully transferred. Then simply copy and past the file. I opened windows explorer and did it that way. BMP files do not work.

This is just an answer for PHOTOS ONLY. I’m not talking video.

I have the same problem as everyone else. Can’t get the updater software to install. Keeps giving me a message to wait until Windows recognizes the player, then click “Finish” to complete the installation. Needless to say, that never happens. Thanks, Graverobber for the workaround on the pictures. I’m going to give it a try, as that is the primary reason I bought a second Fuze. Thank heavens I’m not working with videos as so many of you are. Sure hope someone, somewhere comes up with a

solution to this problem.



Slotmonsta, the download link,,  you provided does not exist, changed, or no longer exist. You should update your post or removed it entirely as it is misleading.

Forget the SMC… I found something that actually works:

This program is called video4fuze and it converts videos and images to work with your Sansa Fuze. It’s legit.

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the link above is good!!!..even for my 64 bit OS…the program is what we all need!!!..thanks man ur awsome!


I’m having a problem with downloading the Sansa Media Converter itself. I have downloaded the Sansa Updater 1.211 and I have plugged in the c240. On the “updates” page I select the “Sansa Media Converter” and click “Download” in the bottom right corner. Although a bar of percentage appears under the name of the file it stays at 1% and a few seconds later displays an error message. Please advise.  

Check your firewall; it might be blocking access to the server.

Tried that… :cry:

Any other suggestions??