Sansa M260 - display issues

  1. The characters on the display get messed up when moving/skipping to the next track (a quick press of the menu button twice takes care of it)
  2. Is it possible to change this – the double spacing of the characters on the non-selected items in a list – thereby decreasing the viewable part of the artist/album etc name by half ??

The messed up characters on the display – is in the top most line (showing the Artist) when playing songs.  The characters are 95% of the time “meesed up” – seems like interleaved with the ones from the previous track that was playing…  The 2nd line seems to have the same issue but since it starts scrolling, the characters become ok in a second.

Have you tried to update the firmware on the player?

I have the exact same issue with my M260.  I have reformatted it. I have the latest firmware.  I did some procedures the tech support person asked me to do when I called in and the issue still exists.

The text is all garbled.  I have to press menu twice and it clears up but when I advance to the next song, the text gets garbled again.  It uses non alpha-numeric characters too.

I thought my id tags were a problem but went through a bunch of them and nothing wrong.

I also tried synching with windows media and loading songs using directly as a mass storage device, but didn’t work either.

I hope someone who has resolved this problem sees this thread.  It’s very annoying.

Hey!!! I found the problem!!! After formatting and reading all troubleshooting procedures I had no luck and was about to chuck the pos (so I thought), but found out it was the HEADPHONES!!  I swapped the old ones out for a set off an Ipod after the suggestion from a clever little music junkie I live with.  Still kinda ironic how all the problems started after I downloaded the files, but owell problem solved, hope this answer helps with people with same issues.  Now to download all the songs I deleted…:frowning:

Found the fix…it has to do with getting some font tables and if you google “sansa m260 firmware”…should lead you to a forum.  I tried it and works!  Finally after 2 years.

Neo…i have this problem as well, but I cannot find the ‘font tables’ you mention in your post…can you please post more info?

You can find the link to download at:  FreemattandGrace.Com

Follow the thread but you have to register first to download.  Copy the font table files into your M260 (system or config folder) and all should be well.

Or you can try also to edit ID3 tags of the songs. :wink:\_id/198/kw/ID3%20tags/r\_id/101834