Messed Up Titles and Spacing

I have a 4 GB M260. I’ve got a problem with the screen / language that I can’t solve. First, my screen is cracked and I can only read the right 1/2 of it. So that makes navigating and intrepreting menus tough. I just upgraded the firmware because I saw that suggestion as I was perusing this board for how to create playlists… Anyway, in trying to navigate the menus when I can’t see them very well, I accidently changed the language (to german, I think). Then I changed it back to what appears to be English, but now the song titles and band, song, and album names are all garbled and double-spaced initially, then when they start to scroll, they correct to the right font and spellings. Here are some specifics: in the menus, all options are correctly spaced and spelled. If I select Play Music -> Artist, the list looks like (can’t see the left) … o o r s (for 3 Doors Down). When playing, the band names are totally fubar, and so are the the album name and song name initially; once it starts scrolling the album and song name are perfect, but the band name at the top is still fubar.

I’m considering either deleting and reloading all the songs and/or navigating to reset all options in the settings menu. I’m leery of resetting all options when I can’t read the menu very well anyway. I’m guessing this is a pretty unique problem - but if anyone has any thoughts, I’d love to hear them along with upside / downside. Thanks in advance! Steve

Before doing the full reset you might want to format the device and reload it.  Search around on this forum for instructions on how to format the device from your computer.  It’s pretty easy.