Garbled Song Titles After Update

I have a Sansa 4GB M260 and I recently tried the Firmware Updater.  The update process seemed to go perfectly but after I copied the songs back onto my MP3 player there are now software problems.

The new firmware appears extremely buggy.   A lot of text on the screen is now double spaced and therefore makes it very hard to read album names, artist names, or song titles.  2/3 of the text is off the screen because of the double spacing!!  Very frustrating.

Also now the song titles are garbled usually for several seconds after I start playing a song.  The letters are all mixed up.  After a few seconds the song title unscrambles itself (but not always!).  Firmware 2.25A seems to be a problem

I see that other people in this forum have had garbled titles also:

There does not seem to be a method to revert back to my previous firmware that worked a lot better than this version.

Please help a guy out that, until now, loved your products.  

Once again I kindly ask that my old firmware be posted so I can revert back.   The version that the firmware updater installed was extremely buggy!

If anyone has a M200 series MP3 player I highly recommend you stay away from Firmware 2.25A.

Same here,


Same here,

Kind of

Same here,

Kind of a bummer.

I cant find any way to revert or start over and fix it.

Hope a new version fixes this.