Missing characters on display

I have an m240. This is the second such unit I’ve had, and in general I’m very pleased with them. However, the new one (a replacement for one that had been RMA’d) has this annoying problem of dropping the last character of the last word of each song title and artist name. In other words, what should read:

Billy Bragg

Levi Stubbs’ Tears / Talking With The Taxman About Poetry

comes out instead as:

Billy Brag

Levi Stubbs’ Tear / Talking With The Taxman About Poetr

It doesn’t do it on every title or artist, and it doesn’t seem to matter how many tunes are on the Sansa. I get the “unknowns” of course, but I accept that as an unfixable bug. This is annoying though, and my previous m240 didn’t do it. I’ve checked the tags, and they’re all okay; I’ve reformatted and reloaded, but nothing works. Anybody else seen this kind of behavior?

what firmware?
what mode was it transfered in?
music mp3 or wma?

Firmware is 3.2.8A, the files are all mp3, and I transfer them by dragging and dropping. Source is either my mp3 CDs (ripped from my CD collection) or my PC’s hard drive (XP, SP2.)

This never happened with my previous m240, which ostensibly had the same firmware as the one I have now. Weird.