Sansa M240

I updated my m240 and now my music tags are all messed up. sometimes the music gets all distorted and i have to turn the player off and take out the battery for it to play right. also, if i am playing it for a little bit, the song info gets stuck and says the same song even though an other song is playing. the same song would repeat too. i tried contacting sandisk and the warranty is up so they said that they won’t fix it. It was their update that messed up my player. any suggestions on how to repair this?


You might try reformatting. If you do back up your files
because it will erase all of them.

What Firmware do you have now?

I did reformat. i am using 2.2.5A. i reformatted and reformatted and still nothing. i tried removing the battery for a week and still nothing.

OK, someone here may be able to help.
I’m not an expert on tags yet.

it’s not only the tags. it’s the whole player. it started once i upgraded the firmware