Help Genres?

Just picked up an 8gb fuse over the weekend and upgraded the firmware to the latest and greatest today.  However, after the firmware upgrade I noticed that many of my genre categories are now numeric.  Help?

Sounds like the tags are messed up maybe. Check the genre tags. Also the program (free) thats recommended here is mp3tag. Open the folder with it and see if the tag is messed up. If not save the tags anyway and recheck.

Only run Linux and OS X here so a windows prg won’t quite cut it ;-)  I just think it’

s strange that they were all fine before upgrading the v2 firmware.  I even pulled all the music and reloaded it and still no love.

it sounds like the database is messed up i doubt it corrupted all the tags. if your tags are still good to go on the computer relading the files should fix it. 

Nope, tried reloading the music and get the same thing.  Again, these genres were *fine* before the updated firmware.  Now they are mostly numeric.

I’ve only dabbled with Linux myself, but I think Easytag is the recommended Linux tag editor around here. Make sure (if the program has the option) to set it to write the tags in ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 format, that’s what Sansas work best with.

Yup, tried that too.  Still no luck.

You know, oddly enough, it’s ONLY the genre field that is the problem.  Everything else is fine, and even the genre was fine before the upgrade.

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I’ve noticed that everything I’ve downloaded from Jamendo shows up on my Sansas with numeric genres, but I don’t know if it’s related to what the OP is experiencing. It doesn’t matter to me, because I never shuffle genre, but it is strange.

I think the addition of support for ID3 v2.4 in the last firmware is causing a number of problems that did not exist previousely.

Overall, as far as I’m concerned, none of the Sansa players have ever had proper ID3 tag support in their firmware. Othewise, why would they be so nit picky about ID3 tags showing up correctly, while the exact same files often work just fine on many other players (without ever messing with changes to the ID3 tags).

I really don’t understand why SanDisk has so much trouble doing basic things that the other player manufacturers seem to have no  problem doing.