Problem After m240 Firmware Update


I just updated the firmware of my m240 (to 2.5.5A).


After the update it rebooted, then said “rebuilding library” then “no files found”. Maybe I missed something, but I don’t recall seeing a message/note/banner/popup saying “This will delete everything”. Is there any way to recover the files? I’m kinda in a bind. I’m currently out of the States using my laptop and all my “original” music files are on my desktop at home.

I don’t know the m200 series in particular but, from what I’ve read about other Sansas, I doubt that updating the firmware will, barring some hardware problem, delete your music files.

One possibility is that the files are there, but they don’t show up in the database because they don’t have ID3 tags.

Have you tried connecting the Sansa to your laptop in both MSC and MTP modes to see what’s there? Also, if the firmware includes a System Info option, as it probably does, what does it tell you about the amount of memory used?

I have tried connecting in both MTP ans MSC modes. No files found in either. The System Information screen says: 974MB Total; 947MB Available.

I’m about to FedEx it home and have my wife reload it and send back.