m260 Firmware Woes

Hi all,

I recently upgraded the firmware on my m260 from v2.1.0A to v2.2.5A using the Sansa Updater. Unfortunately so far, this has turned out to be a mistake.

The reason for the upgrade is because I was confused about what order the songs are played in when “Play All” was selected. I was trying to listen to an audio book and even though I led each filename with a track number, it wouldn’t play it in order. Assuming this was a bug, I upgraded the firmware.

Now I’m experiencing a series of problems, including the “Play All” issue above:

o The artist name on the display turns to garbage when the next track plays or the “next track” button is pressed. Pressing the menu button twice corrects the display.

o After replacing the battery, it starts at the first track again instead of where it left off. Turning the unit off and back on correctly resumes where it left off.

I called SanDisk support and spoke to someone in Malaysia who informed me that there’s no way to downgrade the firmware. His only suggestion was to try reformatting the device. I tried that to no avail. Unfortunately, the unit is out of warranty so replacement is not a possibility. However, it was working just fine before I upgraded the firmware (except for the “Play All” issue which still exists).

I can’t think of anything else to try so I figured I’d check here for any other suggestions and/or to see if anyone else has experienced these issues.


It does not matter what you name the file in the filename. Your having problems with Id3 tags, LINK FOR MORE INFO.

You can eitheir edit the id3 tags for the files, or just create a playlist. There are videos for playlist creation in my signature.