M260 - finalizing update

When I turn it on, after the “Sansa” logo appears, it goes into Finalizing update and then shuts down. Batteries are fresh. Any ideas??


Did it just start this? What’s it do when you connect to a computer?
Is firmware up to date and have you done a reformat?

User Guide, Videos and Firmware info here

Yes, just started doing it. I’ve not connected it to a computer. Newbie with this thing.

I am experiencing the same problem with one of my m230’s, other just fine after 6 months of use.  Can’t reformat or do anything since screen just says “initializing” when plugged into the computer, then eventually goes all black.  No USB “ding dong” sound when plugged in either.  Won’t recognize when plugged in with the hold button on either.  Have written to tech support and hope to get an answer.  Will they?  Any other tips welcome.
Can anyone opine if something purchased in August of 07 in need of a firmware upgrade?

Jim in Milwaukee

m200s are no longer being made by sandisk, I wouldn’t be surpised if you never see a firmware update.

You should get a response in about 1-2 business days. Hopefully you sent it to support@sandisk.com.

I did write to the support email address on the website, but haven’t heard from anyone yet.  Can one get through on a phone line?
Jim in Milwaukee

I’ve called on various occasions. 866.SanDisk, give it a shot if you do not get a reply within a couple of days.

After not getting an email response from SanDisk, I called customer support.  I got through to a tech, we tried to troubleshoot, eventually I got an RMA going for a replacement.  Excellent customer service so far.  Most companies don’t give a care about a relatively inexpensive purchase like that. Hope it works out.
Jim in Milwaukee