Track Info Scrambled (M260)

I recently dug my old m260 out of storage (wondered what had happened to it for sometime) and attempted to use it again. After hooking it up to my PC I formatted it and got the firmware update going. I then added my current music into it - however after it was sync’d and safely removed (and after the ‘rebuilding library’ etc…) I scanned through my songs to make sure it was working. The songs were coming in clear but I had the setting on shuffle and it played three tracks from the same artist one right after each other. When I looked down at the window I was greeted by track info (titles and artists) of " Davvvi’ < > hailw" and “Dva il;a i” and the like. The song titles would normally take 2 seconds to return to what they should say however the album info did not unless I selected menu and then back. Also it seems the artists info (when corrected) shows up as “C o l d” instead of “Cold”, when selecting to play via specific artists or albums the lists shows the spaced version until I highlight it then it returns normal. Every track and title seems to have the same problem. Some of the music in my current library was the same files from when I originally bought this so I don’t believe it to be the files themselves causing a problem. I’ve checked random tags and see no problem, nor is it a issue for my other mp3 player. Can someone please tell me what’s going on? I’d really like to have the use of this since it still ‘works’ and hasn’t been bricked. :neutral_face:

You might try formatting it and re-loading.