Sansa M240 not accessable from Windows XP pro

Hi I have 2 sansa m240 devices, (device 1) has firmware 3.2.8a and the other (device2) has firmware 4.1.08a.

I can access device 1 in windows with the device set to (auto / “MTP” ) but I cannot access it when set to “MSC” mode and that is where the songs were placed.

Device 2 on the other hand works well and I can access it in both modes MTP and MSC. I have used this one to compare with the other.

I have tested this out on 2 different computers.

Can anyone advise me on what to do to get device 1 to be accessed by windows in MSC mode so I can remove music and then update firmware.


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How do You switch between MTP and MSC mode?

I can access my m240 form one of my XP-computer but not on my other pc.

When you connect it to your computer on MSC did you try to check under device manager and disk management if it is being detected? In going to device manager do this;

Right click “My Computer” and click manage, on the window that will appear click device manager in the left side pane, and try to locate if there are Yellow mark on the right side that will appear if there is you might need to uninsatll it by doing a right click on the the part with yellow icon and click unsitall and try to reconnect the device using back usb port.

Hope this works. :wink: