Sansa m240 files not recognised

I have recntly bought a new computer (Windows XP Pro, WMP 11). When I connect my Sansa m240 in MSC mode, I am told there are no files on the device both in My Computer & on Windows Media Player. However going into Properties for the device on My Computer shows the device as nearly full, as does the Synch in WMP 11. Why can’t I access the files on the device?? Thanks for any help!

Sorted! Simply changed from MSC to Auto Detect, all the filles appeared.

I have the same problem… I tried to do the same thing but it does’t work! Anybody have solutions for me!!!


cannot get my mp3 past the 'usb connected;

i am a pc novice, [vista hp],but i have trasferred files to it

before,All my hardware and software is upto date.

could you please assist,ta and regards…jim


Firstly make sure your Sansa m240 is not in MSC mode - Go to Menu - Settings - USB, make sure it is on “Auto Detect”. Launch Windows Media Player on your computer. Then you plug in your Sansa to the usb port, windows media player should recognise it and ask you to “Sync”. Follow instructions given from there.

Hope that helps!

I have a sansa m240 and some file are not recognised is there any way I can clear the menory


When you say “some” files are not recognised, what do you mean?

If your computer recognises the Sansa as a removeable drive, which it should do if the Sansa is in Auto Detect mode (see my earlier post on this thread), then go to My Computer - Drive F (or whichever letter is assigned to the Sansa removeable device), double click on the folder containing the music files & Select All - Delete. Repeat process for Playlists, and everything should have been deleted, thereby freeing up the memory, assuming that is what you want to do?

my m240 wonnt work at all… i tryed to sync it to my compy to fix  it, it worked teporarily. the next day i went to turn it on, and it froze on the startup screen… from there i wouldent turn off. i tryed plugging into compy and it wouldent register. the problem still stands. any help?


I’ve been trying to figure out what was wrong with my player for weeks.

Now it’s working again. Thank you, Thank you. :smileyvery-happy:

I have a sansa e200 series and there is not an auto detect option but I am having the same problem.  I want to delete all the music but my computer is recognizing the device but not the folder where the music is…hmmm…HELP

thank you