Can't Access Sansa In MTP mode, only with MSC

This issue started maybe one month or so ago. I’m not certain how it started, but one day I found that my Sansa would simply not charge, or even be recognized by the computer. It was only today I realized that the computer could not recognize the Sansa in MTP mode, but as soon as I force switched it to MSC, the Sansa began to charge and was recognized by my computer i.e I could access and store file on it.

The problem is that I previously stored all of my files (music, etc.) in MTP mode, and I can no longer access them.

Is there anyway I could fix this?

Possible solutions I’m mulling over

Complete reformat- Don’t really want this, have a lot of music that I didnt back up on the sansa

Firmware reinstall: How do I install the firmware on the sansa in MSC mode?

Other solution: Any suggestions?

MSC mode is fine for updating the firmware.

All the instructions and links are here:

Fuze Firmware Thread

I suggest doing the manual install rather than installing the updater.  The updates are so infrequent that it’s silly to have your computer call home every time you plug in the Fuze.

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Its not just the firmware, the main issue is that I cannot access any of the files stored on my Sansa in MTP mode, and since I put those files in my Sansa in MTP mode, I can’t access the songs in MSC mode. Compounded on this is the fact that my computer will, or any other computer I’ve tried, for some peculiar reason, will not recognize the Sansa in MTP mode.

It updated the firmware successfully, but it didnt solve the problem.

Well, at least you know your cord is working.

Try the steps in the Connection Troubleshooter.

Do you definitely have Windows Media Player 10 or 11 (look under Help/About WMP). 

Try some of the advanced stuff here:

SanDisk Sansa Knowledge Base

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If you can access the device in MSC mode, it sounds like the device is OK.

MTP is a virtual mode supported by Windows Media Player 10 and later, allowing DRM capabilities, among many other features in the background.  I’d have a look at the Device Manager, with the Sansa connected, after manually selecting MTP mode on the device via Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > MTP.

The simplest fix (especially since the device was formerly working in MTP mode on this PC, yes?) is to uninstall the Sansa (select Uninstall, despite the obvious ominous overtone to that choice), unplug, wait at least ten seconds (or better yet, reboot the PC first), then plug in again after the PC is stable.  It should welcome you with New Device Found / MTP Device.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: