Sansa fuze wont turn on or charge

my sansa fuze was working fine until one day when it cut off suddenly and ever since it turns on for about 10 seconds and cuts off again

Time for a call to SanDisk’s Tech Support Center. If they can’t get you goin’ again, they can get the replacement under their 1 year warranty under way.

Note: SanDisk is in the middle of changing over their Customer Support to a new system, so it may take a little longer than usual to get your replacement, if deemed necessary.

Mine just did this today, so I started browsing the web looking for help.  I’m sitting here at work listening to it, then it just stopped.  I thought it had died, so I plugged it in to charge, but the screen just remains blank.  I feel your aggravation.

They esiest way to fix this problem, so i have found out, is to hold the slider button for thirty secods or so( this same problem happened to me) and it should work. If not then hold the slider for thirty more seconds and then let it go and slide it up one more time