sansa fuze wont play anything after 199

my sansa fuze 4gb wont play any songs after 199 and its suppose to play 1000??? it will let me load them but will not play them. it just skips to the next song. i have plenty of memory left, whats the problem???

How are they organized?  In several folders, one? Are you using a playlist? Tell us more

If you go to settings and info how many songs does it say u have?

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one folder. on settings it says i have 225 songs, but any songs i added after 199 wont play. i have plenty of memory left, and like i said it should hold and play 1000, which im not even close to. my settings say…version V01.02.26A  memory 3888 free memory 2717mb

You said after the 199th song it skips ahead… do you mean to the 201st  or back to the 1st. I’m asking because it could be the files themselves.  Also, try to navigate to the folder and see if all 225 files are listed, if so play the last one (scroll up, it should wrap around)… I have one folder with 800 songs and don’t think I have any problems playing any/all of them.

When it’s playing the 199th song does it show 199/225 under the song name or does it show 199/199?

I just retested with 288 songs and it plays them all and for example when playing the 222nd song it shows 222/288

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anything that i added to my player after 199 does not play. it let me load it but it wont play. the numbering is correct. it will say 199/225 . since the songs are listed in alphabetic order it could be the 17th song of 225 that wont play. anything i added after 199 songs wont play. one of those songs is number 17 now because it begins with a b so when i choose that song it will go onto it and then just skip to the next song.

That strongly suggests that its the file itself. Something about it is bad… pull it off to your pc and see if it plays there  and check the bitrate or the like… Maybe it’s zero length??

Did you ever resolve this?

the one folder i have has 199 songs in it. i found out that when i add anymore to that folder they wont play, so i just put them outside of the folder, then they all play. i tried creating another folder but the songs in that one wouldnt play so i just list them underneath the folder i have. i was trying to see what sandisk would say but i cant get into my ebox??? now i just need to find out how come i only get like 2 album covers out of 225 songs??? the rest just has a box with a music sign in it.