Sansa Fuze + 32gb memory card - folders disappear


I got Sansa fuze 8GB + genuine Sandisk 32GB micro SDHC.

The player has the latest firmware.

I copied 20GB+ of music to the SD card using my laptop SD card slot.

Installed the card into the player.

When using the browse folders option – some folders disappear. I checked the card again with the laptop; all folders are present and can be played.

Any ideas for solutions?


There is a limit to how many filenames the Fuze can index. You may have reached it.

Are you sure all the music is in a format the Fuze+ supports? The Fuze+ has around a 10,240 song limit.

The player won’t show folders that have only songs in formats the player doesn’t support. The player also won’t show files that are too deeply nested(ie. folders in folders in folders, etc.). Try simplifying the folder structure.

The OP’s player is the original fuze, which has an 8,000 file song limit.   Can’t recall the exact firmware version when it was increased to that, but the player needed to be formatted before it went from the 4,000 to the 8,000 file limit.

LOL! I guess he does have a Fuze and not a Fuze+. The Fuze has an 8,000 song limit. Originally the Fuze had a

4,000 song limit. The limit was expanded in a March '09 firmware update to 8,000. So unless the Fuze is very old, the firmware likely supports up to around 8,000 songs. It was the firmware ending in 26 that first enabled up to around 8,000 songs to be recognized on the Fuze. So if the firmware ends in 26 or higher, then it should support up to around 8,000 songs.