Folders/files on Fuze but some not visable on Fuze itself?

Now I have an 8 GB Sandisk Sansa Fuze and I have an external 32 GB chip that has been maxed out after transfering the rest of my files to it for a computer re-do. I turned the Fuze on and some of the songs and folders I originally had on it have seem to disapeared. I plugged it back into the computer and all the files and folders are still there. The question I have is this: If I get a new laptop (My computer hard-drive is dead pretty much), will all my files still be visable on the Fuze after plugigng it into a new computer and will I be able to transfer them to the desktop and replace them onto the Fuze after a format? I have plugged it into other computers and all the files are still there, just not visable on the Fuze. Should I simply reformat it as it is now and replace the files or am I safe to get a new computer and replace the files from that computer without loosing the files that are already on it and visable to other computers? Also what should I use to connect with, MSC or MTP?

MTP should only be used if you have protected files. If you don’t have protected files, then use MSC. Never use autodetect. MTP sometimes causes  issues, especially for files on card memory.

Your Fuze isn’t showing all the songs on it, as it has a song limit around 8,000. It isn’t exactly 8,000 , and can be much less if you use embedded album art, long tag names, long folder or long filenames, heavily nest files, etc. The limit is on the size of the database, so if you keep names short and use a simple file strucure the player will be able to access more of your files.

The Fuze’s USB controller can only pass files in one mode at a time. To retrieve your music files, you’ll need to connect, using the new computer, in the same USB mode that was used on the previous computer.

MTP mode requires installation of Windows Media Player 10 or later; in the case of Windows 7, this will be WiMP 12. If you have AutoDetect enabled on your Fuze, it will first attempt to connect in MTP if this mode is available.

If you go, on the device, to Settings > System Settings > USB mode, manually setting either mode is easy. I mention this, since you may see a surprising thing when connecting your device to the new computer: files transferred in one mode will be “invisible” from the PC when connected in the alternate mode. Simply switch modes to find your existing music.

Essentially, MTP mode allows you to address the Sansa as a media device rather than a simple memory device. The memory will display as Internal and External; clicking on either one will open the internal or microSD card for file access.  If you see no files, unplug the device, then switch to MSC. The SD card will show up as a separate logical drive.

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The OP was not having trouble viewing files by computer. It was about seeing them on the Fuze display.

And with a 32GB card, it seems likely that JK98 was right: there were simply too many songs for the Fuze to list. Its list is a database, basically an index, and that index has a maximum size. When the Fuze was introduced, giant microSD cards didn’t yet exist, so the size of the index was set too small for the number of songs that the combined internal and external memory can now hold.

If you are computer friendly you might try the alternate fimware at , which can handle a larger database.