Can't see all files/folders from PC

I have a ~ 3 mo. old 8 gb Fuze.  I can see all the files on the Fuze screen correctly in their correct folder (music, podcast, whatever). 

But when I hook up to PC in either Windows Explorer or WMP it doesn’t “see” all the files, therefore I can’t add or delete files I wish to.  The device reads nearly full (which should be correct), but I can’t see certain files which I’d like to move or delete.  I can see a good number of the files.  It’s  possible that those I’ve added most recently are the ones I can’t see, but I’m not sure if that’s 100% true.      I don’t think this is an issue with the file type, because I could see several of these files some weeks ago.  This has been an intermittent problem since I’ve gotten the unit but has gotten worse.   I also recently added a large audiobook (many small files) and updated the firmware, either of which could have made the issue worse (?). 

Suggestions?  I don’t mind reformatting, but would rather not if that won’t get me anywhere.  Also, if you reformat it, does it keep the file structure (music, podcasts, etc, etc.). 

I also see that maybe I should change the usb autodetect format?

Other suggestions?  Thanks. 

Formatting deletes all the data on the player. If you have copies of all the songs on your pc and don’t use protected music, then format the Fuze using the player’s menu, disconnect the player, set the USB mode on the player to msc, then reconnect and copy the music to the player by Windows Explorer, using copy and paste or drag and drop.

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This is a common mis-understanding of how files get added to your device. There are 2 USB connection modes, MTP & MSC. But there’s also a 3rd choice on your player in Settings > System Settings USB Mode . . . Auto Detect, or as we like to refer to it here, Auto De f ect.

In this mode, your player will connect in MTP mode whenever possible, but when it’s not it will fall back to MSC mode. It doesn’t ask you if you want it to, or tell you that it’s doing this, so by using the Auto setting you sometimes end up with some files transferred via both modes.

But here’s the rub . . . files added in 1 mode (let’s say MTP) cannot be seen or accessed on your computer while you are connected in the other mode (MSC). So you end up as you are now, unable to see & manage all of your files and extremely confused and/or frustrated.

The solution is to pick 1 mode and stick with it, and not to use the Auto Defect setting. Which mode is best? It depends on how you want to (or plan to) use your player. Do you subscribe, or plan to subscribe to Rhapsody music service, or ‘borrow’ digital audio books from your local library or rent them from Then you would need MTP mode as it is required for any DRM (Digital Rights Muck)-crippled files as I’ve listed here. Do you plan to ‘sync’ your music from your computer using Windows Media Player? Then you’re stuck with MTP and its ‘virtual’ mode.

If you rip your own CD’s or buy plain, unadulterated .mp3 files from Amazon, E-Music, or other on-line music “purchasing” site, then MSC mode is your new best friend. In this mode, you will see your player as 2 separate drives with their own drive letter designation (like F: and G: ). The 1st one is the player (internal memory) and the 2nd is the external memory card slot. This will happen whether there’s a card inserted or not. You can now simply drag & drop the files you want from your computer to either the player or the card (if you have one).

So, given your situation, I’d recommend formatting the player which will erase all the files as JK98 already mentioned. Then set your player to one of the manual USB modes and re-load all your content. A pain in the lower rear extremity? You bet. But once it’s done, it’s done; and you will be able to see and do whatever you want to your files just like they were on your computer. Formatting is easy; there’s an on-board function on your player also located in the Settings > System Settings menu. Re-loading is up to you. Yes, your same folder structure (Music, Podcasts, Audiobooks, etc.) will still be in place.

All in all, it’s not so bad. The hard part is understanding on these things work. And hopefully this will have explained it adequately for you. If you have any other questions, just post back. Enjoy your toy!  :smiley:

Everything Tapeworm said, but there are a few other things.

Music, Podcasts, etc., are not folders the way they are in Windows Explorer (My Computer). They are actually lists compiled from the ID3 tags, the electronic labels in your files. As long as you can find what you want with them, you’re fine. If for some reason you can’t find something, you can scroll down to the end of the Music menu and see Folders, which will give you the folder structure you’d see in Windows Explorer. 

Also, you may want to un-hide hidden folders so your computer can see them. In Windows XP, you click on My Computer/Tools/Folder Options/View and check “Show hidden files and folders.” It might be different in Vista or Windows 7–put “Show hidden files” into your Help search box. 

MTP and MSC can really cause headache.

Thanks - haven’t tried it yet but all of the above sounds good.