Confused - Creating folders on Fuze

Hi, I’m confused.  I connect my fuze to a couple of computers I have, both run XP SP3.  On one computer, I can’t create folders or edit the filename of any of the songs.  On the other computer, I can perform these options.  I thought it was an MSC/MTP issue, but when I tried setting the player to MSC, I couldn’t see any of the files on the player and it mounted the player and MSD card as drives, so I’m assuming this is not the issue, as it appears both computers are connecting in MTP mode.

 Any thoughts on what the difference is between the two computers?

 (I think I might have some Microsoft media program loaded on the computer that it does work on, something I loaded so I could connect the XBox to the internet through the computer).



I would say MTP/MSC issues as well, but if you’re positive both are connecting in MTP it could be an issue with different Windows Media Player versions.  The MTP drivers are installed with WMP and there were major differences between versions 9, 10 and 11.

Try setting your USB mode to MTP instead of Auto and double check that both computers connect OK and can see all the files.  If so, then it’s probably something to do with WMP.

BTW, the reason you can’t see the files under MSC mode is because your computer will only see files added under the current USB mode.  So if you added them under MTP, you won’t see them under MSC.

If you don’t have DRM files and don’t plan on using WMP to sync, you might be better off switching to MSC mode.  Just connect in MTP first and delete all your files (or use the player’s format command), then switch to MSC and reload your files.  MSC is a much simpler implementation and more reliable, particularly when moving between different computers.

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