Sansa Fuze gets to song 254 and freezes. Goes back to a previous song and begins playing.

I bought my Sansa about a month ago and installed about 300 songs.  I noticed after song 254 that it will begin to play the song and then it freezes or it reverts to a song further back in the playlist.  It also would not allow me to delete certain songs by using the delete feature on the Sansa.  I had to delete them using my computer.  I have to advance the player beyond song 254 using the playlist to play any later songs.  I have deleted the entire library and reinstalled it. I had a different song as 254 and it still freezes.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!!

Try doing a manual installation of the firmware as explained here:

If that doesn’t help call 1-866-SANDISK and get it replaced. You have a one-year warranty. 

As the 254th song goes into the 255th song, it turns an 8-bit counter (0-255) into all ones (FF).  The next song would turn on the 9th bit.  Of course, the counter should go higher than that because the Fuze can store more than 512 songs.   It seems that the processor song counter has a stuck bit.   If re-installing the firmware does not solve the problem, it is probably a processor problem.