Sansa fuze unsupported media format

I just bought a Sansa Fuze 4 gb player.  I have 5 photos all of which show up when I want them to.  the problem is that I only loaded 5 photos but the Fuze is showing hundreds of photos in the memory which I didn’t load, and when I try to look at them I get a red screen saying Unsupported Media Format.  When I go into my computer and look for the files to delete, there not there.  I am having to delete them manually.  What Is going on?

What are the photos of? There are some that are loaded on the new units; samples if you will just like a couple short demo vids & songs. It could be this, or it could also be your album art from your music files showing up in the PHOTO menu. That is a known bug that was addressed (but not fixed) in the latest e200 series firmware update. I understand it also happens in the FUZE.

Look at the pictures to determine if they are sample pics put on or pictures of the albums you’ve loaded onto your FUZE. If you can’t find them in Windows Explorer, switch your player to MSC mode in the SETTINGS menu. Then re-connect. Make sure Windows Explorer is set to “Show hidden files and folders” (Tools | Folder Options | View tab). You should now be able to see the files and delete the pre-loaded ones if you want to. :smiley:

The album art is being found and displayed in the photos mode.  All you need do is set the attributes on your album art to “hidden”.

Look up the attrib command in Wikipedia for details, the toggle you will want is for all files named folder.jpg to be hidden.  It’s the +H toggle.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

Thanks guys!     I’ll try that.   I counted, and there are over 300 different photos, none of which will show me a photo.  there were also some songs from my collection that were loaded without my having to load them.  I got rid of all the pre-loaded photos and songs already.  they were ok, but I wanted more memory for my stuff.