Sansa Fuze screen Screen fades to white then restarts itself then stays frozen at the Sansa Logo

Just like the title said,

Every single time i turn on my Sansa Fuze, the Screen fades to white, then just restarts itself, and then stays frozen after the Sansa Logo.

It’s had this problem before and its gone away a couple times, i just plugged it into my computer and let it connect then unpluged it and it went to the menu screen like normal the first time.

The second time it did it, i repeated the same thing, but it still didnt work, so i tryed it multiple times, and then it worked.

The third time, I did that whole process, but it didnt work, and I got so frustrated I just left it to charge, when it was full, i unplugged it and it started to work again.

And now for the fourth time (now), ive done everything ive previously done, I’ve even drained the battery and then charged it compltely, but to no avail…

I have songs on it that arent on my computer anymore so it i format it, i’ll lose those songs :frowning:

i Just hope that can be avoided somehow.

But right now, Im about to take a 9 hr trip in about 2 weeks and I need my music to keep me entertained on the train :frowning:

Please, right now, im desperate for any method to just fix this and get it running again :frowning:

Someone help!

Defective. Get another one.

If still under warranty, call SanDisk (like yesterday) or time will run out before your trip. It may even then. You may want to consider buying another one (if you can afford it), and RMA’ing this one keeping it for a spare or giving to a friend or family member.

If it’s not under warranty, then my #2 suggestion just moved up to #1. Except for the RMA part. :stuck_out_tongue: