Flashing screen - White to the Sansa & Icon and back 2 white screen - keeps flashing

Just got a Sanza Fuze yesterday.  Down loaded the firmware updates.  Loaded a few MP3s and some pod casts by drag and drop. (Also dropped an itune file to see if it would work.)  Listened to music and podcasts. (Itune file does not show)  Set it to turn off after 120 minutes.  Went to sleep with it playing.

After connecting the Fuze to the computer this morning the Fuze froze with the colored logo on the screen.  (no charging icon showing either)

Held “on” button up for 20 seconds. It turned itself off. But when turned back on the flashing screen happens.

Tried this about 10 times.

By flashing screen I meen that a white screen pops on then imediately the Word “SANSA” appears and fades to the multi colored logo.  The the white screen pops on again.  It all repeats itself continuously.

Tried turning it off.  locking it. Holding down the rewind button. Then plugging it into the computer while holding the button down. Flashing still happens immediately.

Tried the above several times.

Tried turning it off.  Locking it.  Holding done the Home button. Then pluggin it into the Computer while holding the button down.  Flashing still happens immediately.

 Did this several times.

Sansa does not show in “My Computer”. Tried a different USB Port. 

Computer has XP SP2.

Searched FAQs and the forum for several hours. Have not found anything that works or directly applies.

Got any other suggestions. … Return it to the store??

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I fixed the problem- I took the unit back to the store and got my money back.

Well, that one way of doing it.

And probably in your case, the best decision. :wink:

Well, that’s one way of doing it.

And probably in your case, the best decision. :wink: