New Sansa fuze doesn't work

Good afternoon

My 8 yo son received a Sansa Fuze this morning and for the first two hours worked great even downloaded pix and music.  Then he was changing his background color and the screen when completely white.  Will not turn on, have tried all the methods explained online.  The Sansa doesn’t even show on my computer any longer.  Any advise??

Slide the power switch up to the ON position, and hold it there for a good 30 seconds.  This should reset the player.  Then try powering up again.

The white screen can happen if the device freezes.  I just hate holding that wee power switch.  Give this a few tries, and if unsuccessful, contact Support at 1-866-SanDisk.  They are very good at supporting your new Sansa.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

OMG! I had tried that numerous times already this morning.  Guess I had to hold it longer than the 30 seconds.!!!  Thanks SOOOO much my son is very happy.