Sansa Fuze stuck on white screen after disconnecting.

After I disconnected my Sansa Fuze from my PS3, it got stuck on a white screen. None of the buttons worked and I couldn’t turn it off. So I decided that the only thing I could do was let the battery die and charge it again. It finally died and I plugged it back in, charging it back to full, and the same thing happened. So I tried again, except I only left it plugged in for a moment, and unplugged it. My music popped up and it seemed to work, but it immediatly shut off for lack of power. Now no matter what I plug it into, it wont turn on at all. I plugged it into my computer, and it installed drivers for it, but the Fuze itself didn’t come on, and the computer said it malfunctioned and the drivers weren’t recognized. So now I can’t listen to any of my music or anything. Help?

Did you try resetting it?

no. i dont know how to do that and it wont even turn on

Slide the spring-loaded power switch in the uppermost position for 20-30 secs. (note that in extreme cases it can sometimes it can take up to a minute). Release and see if it will start up normally.

ok, it works again. it even has all my music still. thanks

For what it’s worth, took a stab at my daughter’ 4gb Fuze this morning.  Screen was displaying the WSOD through all suggestions.  The device did install correctly on my Windows 7 machine, and was able to update the firmware, but to no avail on the screen. Could see file structure on Windows Explorer.

What did bring it back to life was to format the device in Windows Explorer.  Of course this deleted all the files on the Fuze but wasn’t concerned about that.  Started device and I again had screen.

Appears to be hang up issues if device is not disconnected correctly from the PC (can’t imagine that happening with 14 year old daughters ever can you?):smiley:

I tried the reseting like explained and still its stuck on white screen. What else can be done to fix this?

Format it, as suggested in the 2-year old post just above yours.

Or hold the button up longer. Really, 15-30 seconds is longer than you think. 

Thanks! I thought it was ruined.