blank white screen on sansa fuze

Help!  I get a blank white screen when I turn on my fuze 8gb.  Prior to this happening, it was connected to the computer which had been turned on and off a few times (the computer was having trouble booting up).

Hold up the power button for a full 30 seconds, continuing to hold it after the unit turns off.

That should reset it.

i have a white blanc screen on my sansa player

tried it nothing changed

Holding up the switch for a long time doesn’t make the screen go black? Seriously, 30 seconds.

My Fuze had a white screen - I tried multiple times to reboot holding the power button up. 

My husband tried to ‘hard boot’ it also…then he noticed that the screen has a crack in it.  It was real hard to see.

Not sure how that happened as I only use it to listen to books in the car and never mess with it otherwise. 

After getting that mysterious white screen and attempting to reboot it several times by holding the power switch at the “on” position, my husband suggested that I allow my (unplugged) Sanza to run down overnight. When I reattached it to my computer to charge it this afternoon, it started back up again.

(Or at least it now has images on the screen - I’m assuming it will be fine when I detach it from my computer after it’s charged…)