white screen

 sansa fuse

When I turn on the power switch I get a white screen.I have tried the soft reset lots of times but it stays the same.

The files are intact-I can view them on my laptop.


Are you safely removing the Fuze? Or just pulling the cord out of the fuze?  Safely removing might help that.  I know when, for some odd reason, my computer won’t let me safely reboot and I’ve just took the usb cord out, it gives me a white screen and then I do the safe reboot (had to do once or twice–dumb computer).  But if I safely remove it I don’t get the white screen.

Also maybe let it shut off completely and then do the soft reboot.

The players firmware might needs to be updated, make sure you have a backup files of all the songs in your player, follow the link below on how to update the firmware of your sansa Fuze;


hope this works :wink: 

I had an issue where I paused a video and when I returned to the device I could not play anything and always got the white screen, even after resetting the device by holding the power button for 20 seconds.  

I was able to get around this problem by removing the video from the device when it was connected to my computer.  Once the offending video was removed everything returned to normal.

The funny thing was that the video was encoded using Sansa’s Media Converter and it still caused problems.  Ugh!! 

(un)plugging a µSD in the fuze solves it (it triggers a database refresh, which solves it)

Making almost ANY modification on the Fuze with the PC will also trigger a library refresh.  I like to (temporally) rename a random file on the Fuze.  I also know how to avoid this bug in the first place.  Stop playing the video before turning the Fuze off (listen to the radio, look at pictures, go to the menu…).  Hopefully, this bug will be fixed after the next firmware update.