Blank Screen.

Hy Guys. First thing: I’m Italian, so I’m sorry for my bad english.

Second thing: Tuesday 3 October i’ve bought a 8gb Sansa Fuze. One day, after two week and after the upgrade of the firmware, I’ve turned on my player and It shows me a white blank screen. Completely white screen. Evem if it’s plugged in the computer.

I’ve tried to reset it, but wasn’t succesful. I’ve tried to Format it and reinstalling the firmeware but nothing happens.

Here there are the photos:

Can you help me?

Sorry I didn’t catch you earlier.

Interesting problem, we have a backlight and no displayed image.

Let’s try to connect in MSC mode, forcing the mode to be sure.

First, on the computer, open a Windows Explorer window (My Computer / Computer or press [Windows Key] + [E]).

On the side of the Fuze, turn the device OFF, then slide the power switch down to the HOLD position.  Hold the center button down while plugging in to the USB port.

Does the Fuze show up as a flash drive, or more correctly, as two drives?

If so, right click on the Fuze and select Format.  DO NOT use the Quick Format option.  Select FAT32.

Slide the power switch back to the center position, and unplug.  Try powering her up as usual.

If this is unsuccessful, using the same connection method, try installing a new copy of the firmware in the root directory, as descrived in the firmware update thread.

Be sure to let us know how it goes!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

it doesn’t work.

the last solution is sendit back to the vendor…

I have a 4GB Sansa Fuze. This morning the screen was totally white and the Fuze could not be turned on or off. When plugged into the computer, the Fuze was not seen as a USB drive.

I unplugged it from the computer, held the menu button in, and held the off button up for about 3 seconds. The screen went black, as if the Fuze had turned off.

I then tried to turn on the Fuze and was successful. I will have to see if it continues to work properly.

Thanks a lot man.

I realwas the last day with my fuze.

Hope it will still work as well. 

format the sansa