Blank Display

I have had the Fuze for less than a week. All was great till the display went blank. Music still plays but all i have is a  backlight white screen. Did i just get a lemon or is there a fix. I tried to do the reset by holding power button up for 20sec and when i turn on fuze same white blank screen, even when hook to computer all i get is blank screen. Anyone eles have this problem, the player has never left the table by computer so I have ruled out impact damage.

Connect your Fuze to the PC, and reinstall the firmware, by following this thread.

When disconnected, the Fuze should install the new copy of the firmware, and hopefully, the screen driver, if that’s the issue.  It’s possible that you may have a mechanical issue with the screen connection.

If reapplying the firmware does not restore operation, you can try formatting the device from the PC, as a FAT32 volume, and try one more time to see if the display restores.

Otherwise, no worries, call 1-866-SANDISK for assistance.  They’ll fix you up!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: