White Screen {Different problem than the other person}

Hey everyone,

I’m having trouble with my 4GB Sansa Fuze, right when I turn it on, it’s a white screen.  I can’t listen to music, look at my pictures, nothing.  I just noticed the problem right when I plugged it in to my PC.  I even  held the power button up for about 15 seconds, over and over, and still got the same result.

I had it since October '08, never experienced any problems, that I remember, up until now.

Any help would be appreciated,

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As you’re right at the one-year threshold, I’d contact SanDisk Support at 1-866 SanDisk for further assistance.  They may suggest holding the power switch up longer, try 30 seconds.  If you have sensitive headphones on, you can hear a click as the device resets.

Next, reinstalling the firmware is a possibility.  If you connect in MSC mode, this will be easier with a dead display.  This will be simple if you were using MSC previously, but if not:

  1. Turn the Fuze off.
  2. Slide the power switch to the HOLD or lock position (orange showing).
  3. Press and hold the center button down until the decice is recognized.
  4. Since your display is not working, open a Windows Explorer window  (My Computer) on your PC.
  5. The Fuze will appear as two logical drives under “devices with removable storage”.

Double click on the Fuze and look for the file version.sdk in the root directory.  I’m listening to thet Clip+ while charging an e280v2, so here’s a sample of the version.sdk file in the v2.  The v2 is about as close to the Fuze as you can get.  The Fuze is in my bicycle bag, so it’s a little further away at the moment.

Using Notepad, here’s the version text:  DO NOT change anything in this file, simply close it once you read the version (firmware).


Product: e2X0
FW: V03.01.16A
Region: Americas

The firmware version (FW) is what you’ll need for your Fuze.  Note that it will start with an 01 or 02, this is the version identifier.  Go to this thread for the current firmware release, download the appropriate version 1 or 2 file for your Fuze, unzip the file, and simply drag-and drop the file into the open Windows Explorer window you opened earlier.  This represents the root directory of the device.  DO NOT drop the file into any of the folders, simply place it in the box alongside them.

Once the transfer is done, unplug, and I’ll be crossing my fingers with you.  Hopefully, you’ll have a happy Fuze.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: