I have a Fuze that's not taking kindly to any troubleshooting.

I got one of those 2GB Fuze players for xmas, and it’s worked wonderful until recently.

I can’t seem to fix it either, racking my brain and googling every possible fix in existance. My problem is the white screen.  The blue ring only comes on if I touch one of the buttons on the face.

What I did first was charge the battery 100%.  No dice.

Second, I tried a soft reset. (Hold the on button for 10-30 seconds)  All it does is turn on for a few seconds, then turn back off, then turn back on with the white screem.

Third, I reformatted the memory.  Still got the white screen.

Fourth I tried updating the firmware update 02.02.26 (using the updater program suppied.)  It’s still stuck at version 01.01.11A.

Fifth I tried screaming at it and calling it bad names and it still doesn’t work.

Maybe I’m missing some miracle cure for this thing, or I have a broken Fuze.  I hope this can be fixed soon, there’s no good radio stations in southern colorado.

Ok, I just tried this while I was at class: I  tried holding each different button while attempting to turn it on.  And still nothing. 

Also, I’m also able to access my files on the Fuze while it’s in USB mode.  I’m willing to guess it’s not broken, but I’m not technilogical guru by any means.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it’s a resounding “Buy a new one” from everyone.

You can’t update 1.x firmware to 2.x. You need the latest 1.x update. There’s a brand new one in the sticky for firmware update here.

Forget the updater–uninstall it, or turn it off.

Download the 1.02.26 All Regions zip file from here.  Unzip it on your desktop. Connect the Sansa (I hope it’s in MSC mode). Find the Fuze in My Computer or Computer, Explore it, put the unzipped file on it, disconnect. It will run the upgrade and shut off. Turn it on. Happy a happy life. 

Is there a way to put it on MSC mode if all I have is the white screen of doom?

I read somewhere you could turn off the Fuze, put the hold switch on and hold the |<< button while you plug in the USB cable to put it in MSC mode.  So I did that, put 1.02.26 on my fuze, unplugged it from the USB, waited til it turned off, turned it back on and I still have the white screen.

So I plugged it back in and under Properties it still says version .01.01.11A.

Thanks for the help anyways.  I’m still hopeful I can get it to work.  I’ll keep messing with it and hope something clicks and makes it work.

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Try the Update again. If it still wont take, call SanDisk. See what they have to say.

you can force MSC on the fuze by putting it in hold position and holding the << button while connecting it if i remember correctly. 

a white screen could also be related to an LCD issue. if it is a bad LCD no amount of firmware upgrade will fix it and it will need to be replaced. if the next firmware does not work contact sandisk tech support for an rma. 

Well you’re correct…  I tried the update again and nothing happend.  But when I turned it back on and pressed play, Isis started blaring out of it for about 30 seconds then it turned off.  I’ll be calling TS now.