So much wrong with my Sansa Fuze

I honesty dont undestand whats wrong wit it at all.

When i turn on my Sansa Fuze sometimes it freezes at the logo, sometimes it’ll take a step further and then gives a white screen or sometimes it’ll say something like My music database is full and i need to free 90mb and i cant do that because I cant even get to the menu. When i try to connect it on the computer my computer says it doesnt recognize it and it wont show up on my computer and i cant delete anything :cry: . Is there anyway I can restart it or atleast get it to go to the menu.

Please help!

Do you have a full backup somewhere?  If so, you should be able to just reformat the whole thing.  Or just contact SanDisk and try to get an RMA.  If you have stuff on there you don’t wanna lose, I’m not sure what to tell ya.

It sounds like you might have some corrupted files, firmware, bad ID3 tags, or a combination of issues causing you grief. I would suggest running ChkDsk, and then formatting (if the ChkDsk doesn’t help). Formatting of course will erase everything so you’ll have to re-load.

You can slide the hold/power switch down, press & hold the center button while plugging the cable into the bottom of your Fuze (already connected to your computer). This should force an MSC connection in which you can run ChkDsk and Format (if necessary).

Check out the FAQ for instructions on ChkDsk and info on bad ID3 tags. Formatting can be done by right-clicking on your Fuze’s icon in Windows Explorer, and selecting Format… from the context menu. Do not select the ‘Quick Format’.