Sansa Fuze Screen Broken

The screen on my Fuze had some damaged on there but I can still view the screen. Later this morning I turned it on the light is on both the wheel and the screen but nothing on the screen just a white blank screen. After playing with it I probably hit the radio and I heard the radion sound.

 So i guessed there’s something wrong with the screen.

 Any help is welcome and appreciated.

Sounds like the screen finally gave out completely. Unfortunately, it’s not user-replaceable. Even Sandisk won’t replace the screen. Assuming they’ll honor the warranty (a broken screen isn’t a “defect in materials” that would normally be covered, but sometimes they will cover it anyway), they’ll just replace the whole unit. If you’ve had it for less than the warranty period (one year in the US, may be shorter elsewhere), give them a call. And be patient and polite. That may make them more willing to replace it, even if the damage is your fault.

Hey, A while ago, near Feb, I’ve had the same problem. Exact one. All white, and some weird streaks of color on my screen. After a couple weeks of tinkering, I decided to send it to Sansa. AFter about 2 weeks of emails, i sent it to them and voila, still using Fuze number 2