screen went white


I have had my sansa fuze for about 4 months now. I baught it when i was home on leave from my tour in Iraq. Within in the first week of being back the screen just went white. I have a “crystal” plastic cover over it so it doesnt get damaged and i dod not hit it on any thing. The funny thing was that it still played music as normal. I contacted the user support and got several emails, non of which helped in the slightest bit. i did however fallow the direction containe din these emails and formated my device, but i was stupid enough to do so with out reading the version before hand. so now i have downloading the version one and going to put that on and HOPE that it helps. 

I was curious of any one else had the same issue or not or had any ideas that may help a brothr out. I appreciate any and all responses. 


i downloaded botht he V1 and V2 firm wares and neither worked. I also downloaded the firmware updater from and it wont install properly. I am at a complete loss for what to do next. I hope some one has an idea, at ths point i just want it to work. 

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I had this problem to few times, but I fixed it very simply,  I don’t know if it will work for you, but I just presed butons rapidly and the screen fixed itself. try to change songs press the home buton and so on…

I tried it, didnt work for me.

it MAY hvae worked before i formatted it but now that i cant get the new firmware to install i guess that isnt it. :/ 


I really need some help with this! I dont want to have to buy another one…i like ths sansa line but this is bothersum. 

Well, the important thing is don’t get stressed. It’s just a gadget. If you can’t figure it out, then call the Sandisk support number and get an RMA. Sounds like it should still be in warranty. If not, well, it’s not that expensive to replace. Don’t spend a lot of time fussing about it. If there was an easy solution, someone would’ve told you by now.