Cracked LCD screen

Hello. Just today, I accidentally dropped my Sansa Fuze while working out, and the inside screen broke. The casing itself is fine and the music plays, but I just can’t see anything on the screen but white with a large crack through it.

I’ve had my sansa for a few months, since about December I think… Just wondering, is there any warranty on it and if I can send it in to be fixed/replaced, or do I need to buy a new one? 

Thank you. 

There is probably no store that will take that back, and the SanDisk warranty only covers factory defects. Also there is no place to take it to be repaired because the cost would be too great, it is cheaper to buy a new one, rather than fix a broken one. I wouldnt suggest it but some have tried buying one off e-bay where there was something else wrong and fixing it themselves but like I said I woulnt suggest that.

Well, that ■■■■■. I was hoping that there was sort of a repair warranty, but I guess I’ll just have to shell out the $90 for a new one. Thank you though.