Sansa Fuze Not Recognized By Windows 7 (Desktop PC)

After trying all other on-line suggestions I came up with my own Sansa Fuze solution:

    After plugging  your Sansa Fuze and it comes up as " USB Device Not Recognized" and " Installation Is Unsuccessful", navigate your way to Device Manager. I get there the easiest way I know how by right clicking on computer icon on my desktop and scrolling down to properties. Or you can get there via control panel. Click on device manager and under “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” , you’ll see “Unknown Device”, with a little yellow exclamation . Right Click on the Yellow triangle and then click uninstall.
    Disconnect your Sansa Fuze and turn it off, Also turn off  your computer. Then turn on your Sansa Fuze and  navigate to its “Settings”-System Settings" and then scroll down to " USB Mode". Change the USB mode to " MTP".  Once you have changed USB mode to MTP plug in your Sansa Fuze to the USB adapter while PC is shut down . (Your Sansa Fuze will  Connect and start charging). Make sure you are using the back panel USB Ports.
    Finally, start your PC up and your Sansa will flash " Connec t- Writing" and then " Connected". When Windows 7 actually starts your device will flash " Connect-** Writing-Connected " once more and appear connected as it should on your tool bar. You’ll know if this is successful or not while your PC is powering up. Keep an eye on your Sansa Fuze Screen and if it says connected then dims it didn’t work. But if your little screens remains bright** you’ve been successful. :smiley:  
    This is more of temporary solution to the symptom of the problem rather than something of a permanent fix so you can update firmware or further troubleshoot. Or just buy an I-Pod, thats my next step.

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Dimming of the display is normal during the establishment of a communications session.  It should return to normal brightness in a few seconds.




Duh…Nice interjection yet to totally irrelevant to my point, unless stating the obvious…Doh!


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@wakahi wrote:
Sorry you missed understood, But my point was that the screen had dimmed and stayed that way, hence the procedure didn’t work. If you know eveything about what works and what doesn’t why bother making any comments at all unless you write your own helpfull post. I posted this merely to help someone else who needs help. Like my self I had no one to turn to. I don’t need someone such as yourself telling me what my experience was. Keep your trivial comments to yourself in the future!

This is sansa’s forum. Microsansa is the moderator and he can pretty much say or do anything he pleases, whether you like it or not.

Microsansa doesn’t post to make people upset; it was simply a clarification.

Yeah, I kinda figured that out now,Thanks. Out of all the frustration that this product has brought me I wonder if its even worth the trouble. I’ve already been looking at another product to use as an MP3-4 player. I can only say that the other (Owned By A friend) synched up with my PC fine and I am looking foreward to the change. But in the end you get what you pay for(Sansa Fuze Is alot cheaper -$100). But I should of spent the difference in price for superior performance in a media player.My own fault:cry:

Wow…Device Manager, uninstall and reboot–I’ve never seen that solution anywhere on the forum before.

I’m nominating Wakahi for the Nobel Prize. 

Your sarcasm is impeccable, Maybe with some more practice you can graduate to You-Tube and I’ll nominate you The Black-Circle Orifice for a Nobel Prize, Because  from now on your no longer a the “Black Rectangle”. I Christen Thee “The Black-Circle Orifice”. Sansa Professor who spends why to much time babbling about Sansa. C’mon, not a more reliable brand we all know…nope… “A Sansa”…Geez…

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