Sansa Fuze not charging on MTP or MSC.

My sansa fuze is tottaly dead so i plugged it into my new wall charger, it worked for five minutes then didnt work. So i plugged it back into my computer and the computer wont recognize it! It let me turn it on for 2 minutes so i changed the USB mode to MTP, but the little batterey sign didnt move when i plugged it back in. So I changed it to MSC and the same results. Its like the sansa fuze knows its plugged in but the computer wont recognize it and the batterey sign dosnt move. How can I fix this!?

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Thx, i hope thats not it though:(. Now when I plug it in it says USB device not recognized?? I tried uninstalling and recconecting and this didnt work… and suggestions?

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If all this doesn’t work and you can’t return it, you may be SOL.