Fuze not being recognized

My Fuze is not being recognized by multiple computers.  Before I get that first message about reading the other posts, I already have.  So far none actually have any solutions.  I have tried setting my Fuze to ‘Auto’, ‘MTP’ and ‘MSC’ on two different Windows computers.  I have even tried sliding the ‘lock’ on and holding down the rewind key when plugging it in.  Nothing.  I then resorted to trying on my linux box.  All 4 options again and I get nothing on the computer.  I searched through the folders looking for where it might have mounted, but nothing.  I even tried both of my official Sandisk Sansa USB cables. I have also tried using the ‘Reset to Factory Defaults’ option.  Nothing.

This is the first time in about 2 months I’ve plugged it into a computer. The last time I connected it, everything worked fine in Windows and Linux.   In Windows, the Sansa Updater won’t recognize the player is plugged in either.  I’m about out of idea’s at this point.  Anyone want to try?  (And don’t see reformat, I did that last time I had a problem with this thing and it didn’t help.   You say buy something else… I’m getting closer.)

This is a half bump, half new information.  After playing around, I finally got Windows XP (SP2) to kind of recognize the device.  I see a USB icon pop into the system tray for a second, then dissappear.  After a second or two, the icon comes appears again.  I managed to double click it and the USB dialog popped up.  It stated:

"One or the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.


 Try reconnecting the device.  If Windows still does not recognize it, replace the device"

So… any new idea’s or am I making use of my Best Buy warranty (for the 2nd time with a Sansa product…) on this one?  Thanks again for any help at all.

Sounds like you’ve tried covering the bases, by using MTP / MSC / Forced MSC, and two SanDisk cables.  It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve connected the device, as it was recognized before. 

In short, you’ve had the experience of connecting your new Fuze and transferring music successfully- that hurdle has been passed.

But the burning question is why has it been so long since having been connected to the PC?  Are you routinely charging with a USB wall charger, or has the device been idle?

Communications issues are possible if the device is within the low range of battery capacity.  These devices (the Clip, e200v2, and Fuze) all manage the charging operation via the device’s processor.  When plugging in a thirsty device, we’re asking it to go to work and have some juice at the same moment, essentially.  Check the display on the Fuze prior to plugging in: what’s the charge status?

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Sorry, I should have listed that I use a USB wall charger and keep it plugged in about 75% of the time that I’m listening to it.  Battery is topped off. 

I have had other issues before about plugging it into one of my wall chargers (1 for home, 1 for work) and it going into ‘Connected’ mode.  It also happens on my Altec Lansing im510 speaker dock.  The odd thing is, it’s not consistently going into ‘Connected’ mode or just charging.  Half the time when I plug it into my speaker dock, it goes into ‘Connected’ mode and won’t play any music.  Same thing on my USB wall chargers. 

Another thing I noticed is that when I plug it into a computer, I do not get the battery charging ‘lightning bolt’ symbol over the battery.  One day the player was showing a half bar, so I plugged it into my computer and left it there for a few hours, came back and the battery bar hadn’t budged after I disconnected it.  Not sure if that’s related or not.

I bought this Fuze the day it came out at Best Buy.  I currently have firmware version V01.01.11A installed. I have tried removing the 4 GB microSDHC card I have.  Everything I do doesn’t work.  I think I’ll try 1 more ‘Format’ from the player later (hey… stranger things have happened…) and if that doesn’t do it, take it Best Buy and use my warranty plan yet again.  Big decision is if I decide to buy yet another Sandisk device, as I’m getting rather unhappy with the issues I’ve had to deal with since I got my few e200’s and upgraded to this hoping most of the issues have been resolved.

Thanks for the help.

No worries!

It sounds like there is something going on with the USB comm section of your device (showing “connected”).

SanDisk and Best Buy are both pretty good at standing behind the new device.  I’d run by Besy Buy for an exchange device.  You can even try an experiment- see if it connects there, at least in MSC mode, if they’re willing to let you plug in, and there’s a PC handy.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I’ll head there within a day or two.  Best Buy exchanged my last Sansa product with not issues and it even worked out that since I bought a 4 GB e200 when they first came out ($240 at the time) I was able to exchange it and get a BB gift card for that much, meaning I got an 8 GB e200 for $200 and had $40 left over… Too bad I don’t think that’ll happen again.

Oh well.  I’ll post the outcome of this when I figure it out.