Sansa Fuze does not charge and link is not shown URGENT

I brought this Sansa Fuze and when I plug it it does not reconise nor does the charging link is shown. I have used USB 2.0 port from at least 5 computers to charege it. But no luck. In the windows explorer it shows drive E and F. when clicked it says do you want to format the drive. When said Yes it says not found.

What is the problem 

Try switching to MSC mode in the SETTINGS menu on your player. Then plug it into your computer again. If you normally use a front USB connection on your computer, try one in the back. It’s a more direct connection and works better for some people.

Oh, and you shouldn’t have to format a new unit. Formatting will not solve a charging or recognition issue.

Interesting.  First, press and hold the menu / power button for 10 seconds, resetting the device. 

Try plugging in again and see if it’s recognized.

If it’s a brand new unit, formatting actually can make a difference.  Be sure to use the Format function on the Fuze itself. Go to Settings > System Settings > Format > Yes, and let the Fuze start fresh.

Let us know if it works correctly after that.

Bob :smileyvery-happy: 

I had the same problem and did what you said. I switched to the MSC mode. It worked perfectly.

Thank you!

However. I used my Sansa Fuze fine for 2 weeks. Why the problem now?

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My sansa fuze has a similar problem. It isn’t being recognized, and it won,t charge. I had it charging last night through my ps3, had done so before with no issues, but now it refuses to turn on and resetting has had no effect. can you help me?

Nutron Bob, Thanks for that info!

My fuze was always at ‘68%’ and the battery wasn’t lasting that long so I discharged it completely and it wouldn’t charge this morning, I held the power button on, as you suggested, and it started to charge! Thanks

Any hints or advice on getting the Batt to hold a charge better? (a few full charge discharge cycles? Only charge when empty? OR???)

Thanks in advance for any help!


PS. FEI (For Everybody’s Information) I found out that the Fuze can utilize a 32Gb Micro SDHC chip!!! Now if I can only find one (or 3) at a good price!

Thank you so much for this help.  I LOVE my sansa fuze, and I was really bummed it wouldn’t take a charge.  This has been a burr in my saddle for a long time.  I just gave up on it and it’s been sitting unused for almost a year now.  What a waste!  Your suggestion fixed my issue.  I hope it holds and keeps on ticking.  I was thinking I wasted my money on yet another “short-lived, throw away piece of today’s typical junk”.  …may as well reinstate the transitor radio if junk is going to be the standard.  Sniveling aside, I’ve always loved SanDisk, and everything about this little cutie is well thought out.  I get wonderful radio reception, the sound is wonderful, and I don’t need wifi or gazillion dollar a month data feed charge!  I’m glad it’s not a brick.  If it were to die this young, I probably wouldn’t return to this brand, so your tip renewed my faith ~ I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

Very happy today in Montana.  Yippee ki-yi-yay, we’re rock’n now.  :slight_smile:

Unfrigginbelievable!!! Whomever posted the suggestion to change to MSC instead of Autodetect - YOU ROCK!!! Now after a year of being a useless piece of crap I can actually USE it again!!!


het werkt bedankt voor de hulp:smiley:

U bent van harte welkom! :wink: