Sansa fuze mp3 distortion for some files

I just got a new Fuze and I uploaded about 250 songs to it.

More than half of those songs are stretched out and distorted. For example, one song is originally about 5 minutes, but in the player it says it’s 23 minutes. Another 4 minute song shows a length of 51 minutes.

Some songs are also just totally skipped, and I know this has nothing to do with DRM.

I updated the firmware to its latest version and it doesn’t help. (I originally had 01.01.15).

Anyone know what’s wrong? Or does anyone have the same problem?

Obviously, it has something to do with the song files themselves. Since you didn’t relay any details about them, it’s impossible to suggest a cause, reason, and/or solution.

Tell us a bit about the format, the source and how you transferred them to the player, and hopefully we will be able to help you.

Hey I’m having a similar problem with my fuze. Every song is distorted when I play it on my Fuze but they play fine on my computer and on the CD’s I burnt. What do you think the problem is?

This isn’t a Fuze problem per say but the problem lies with the mp3… I use a program to get some of my mp3s, and the odd song will be massively stretched for no reason. In Windows Media Player it’s fine (i don’t know  about cds as i haven’t burned one in over a year), But when i put the song onto my ipod it got stretched out again. same with my fuze. I think it comes down to the data in the mp3 itself being a bit wonky and some programs aren’t affected by it.

Actually we might have a fix for this type of file in the next release.

There’s another thread on the archives here from last month,  Search “mp3 play slow” or “slowly”

Basically, another user and I had exact problem.  Files go into “slow-mo” mode.  Only on the Fuze, not on computer or on Sansa e200 series.

Sansafix examined one problem file I had and noted that there was “garbage” at the start of the track.

I went back to  the app called WavePad (free version from NCH…google it), opened the problem files, saved as mp3 again.  When re-saving, save as mp3.  In the bottom of the mp3 dialog box, “Include CRC for Fixing Errors”.  It works.  It must eliminate the problem data and save a clean version.  Now no problems.

Download Masters…Run…Run…Run…I agree.  when you get it open on your desktop, go File, Open, get the problem file…Save As, mp3…and like I said above.